God has spoken to thou!

For my english speaking friends here is a little humoresque featuring Bush family. There are God, Bush Sr. and his two juniors who speak in bellow mentioned accents:

1) GOD – himself – speaks as Leslie Nielsen in “Dracula, Dead and Loving It”
2) George Bush, Senior – he is to old and his voice is impossible to hear
3) George Bush, Junior – speaks as ussual as there is still nothing to compare to him
4) Jebb Bush, whatever – speaks as Al Pacino in “Scarface”

Events described here are only an echo, or a possible scenario, regarding the Bush Jr. statement that God spoke to him. In no way should these events be taken for real as there is no evidence that it really happened as is described bellow. So this is how the story goes …

Lovely, no, no , the most beautifull night in the world – Texas night, stars shining from above while down there, at the Bush”s ranch, another day of family gathering has just ended. Everyone”s in their rooms, half way asleep, when suddenly George Jr. starts hearing some voices.

GOD: “Ohhhh George Bush, wake up thou …”
Unrecognizible: “… mmmrrrrmmmm …”
GOD: “No, not you, the younger one. Ohhhh George Bush, wake up thou …”

George Jr. now opens his eyes and to his surprise he soon notices that there is no ceiling above him, he can see all of the moste beautifull Texas stars from his bed, while a thin ray of light comes straight from the skies above, ending right on his side of a family bed. George is confused, and then he hears that voice again.

GOD: “Ohhhh George Bush, wake up thou … No, I said the younger one.”
Jebb: “Are you talkin” to me?”
GOD(irritated): “Ohhhh, no I”ll talk to you later on those voting machines, I”m calling the younger George Bush.”
Unrecognizible: “… mmmrrrrmmmm …”
GOD (now pissed off): “No not you you old shmack, the other one !”

As the voice is becoming more and more angry, our hero finally dares to speak.

George Jr. “hhHello God, I”m here, in my bed, bellow this ray of …”
GOD (still pissed off): “Yeah, I know where are thou, I need to speak to you!”
Unrecognizible: “… mmmrrrrmmmm …”
GOD (now enraged): “One more time and you”ll feel the wrath of heavens coming your way!!!”
Unrecognizible (though almost silent): “… brbrbrrrmm …”
GOD (almost calm): “Yeah, go to bed I was done speaking to you back in 90”s! Wet dreams to you too, if you still can.”
GOD: “Now George, I have to speak to thou on some pretty serious matters, are you ready?”
George Jr. (confused): “Weeell, yeah!?! Who do you say you are?”
GOD (nervously): “I”m your God, remember that one, and you shall have no other etc. Any lights blinking in that silly head of yours.”
George Jr. (still confused): “Weeell, yeah, my God!?! And you say you wanna speak to me?”
GOD (nervously): “YEAH! I wanna speak to thou!”
George Jr. (even more confused): “Who”s Thou? Do I know that guy. Sorry Dick is not around and he always tells me who these strangely sounding names are.”
GOD (enraged): “@#@!!!?&$#@… O.K. Thou is you in old english. Got it, you @!#$?#@!”
George Jr. (presidentially): “Weeell, yeah!?! Thou is you.”
Jebb: “Que passa ?”
GOD (wow can”t describe it): “Well, that”s it. I”m gone, I can”t stand this Bush tyranny anymore – you”re worst than Taliban and Saddam combined. I”m gonna leave you and your country on your own … maybe thou father was worse than thou, no, he was smarter … – and the voice of God starts disappearing in the most beautiful night in the World – the Texas night.
George Jr. : “Jebb, are you awake? What was all this about?”
Jebb : “Don know, Mygod guy spoke to you about that Thou fellow.”
George Jr. (recollecting memories) : “Still wonder who that Thou fellow is. Anyway, he said he is mygod, mentioned Saddam and Talleban, and something about tyranny, and yet I don”t get it.”
George Sr. : “… mrmmrmrgfrthKuwaitmrm …”
George Jr. : “Yeah dad, you”re right. Maybe he really is my God and want”s me to end what you have started. To end the tyranny of Saddam and the Taliban, to free the World, to become Nobel Peace prize winner, yet I don”t get it – who is Thou? Maybe some campaign donor? Anyway, it”s late and I think I”d better tell this to the guys at the office next month, maybe they”ll think of something. Good night, God bless Bush family.”
Jebb : “Si, Signor”
George Sr. : “… mrgbnjdhhaaaahhaaaaaaa …”

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